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The World has gone Digital. Have you?

This course is different

The Digital Master Class - Asset Raising course is structured in a completely different way than any other online offerings, because it is designed to take you through a step by step process that will motivate and compel you to take action, which then will produce the desired results.


If you are then also doing your work on the performance side, success is virtually guaranteed. Why guaranteed? Because the whole Master Class is set up not as a collection of videos that you consume, but as a process, like a Standard Operation Procedure which causes you to think, implement and act. With our built-in feedback loops and the commitment buddy structure, what you get at the end is your own robust, sustainable, and highly efficient and successful capital raising process.

What's in the box?

  • Commitment Buddy System

  • Secret Facebook Group Access

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Case Studies with Family Office and Institutional Investors

The three principal mistakes that can lead to a fund's early death

Your course creators

In 2003, Matthias Knab started the very first digital, email based daily newsletter on hedge funds and alternative investments globally. Since then, Opalesque has grown into an ecosystem of over 100,000 investors and finance professionals. All 100 of the top 100 hedge funds by assets under management are Opalesque clients, and even the US Senate Banking Committee has used our service.

Opalesque also publishes HORIZONS: Family Office & Investor Magazine, the largest quality family office publication globally. The Opalesque Roundtables, a thought leadership series started in 2008, have been downloaded over 20 million times.


In 2009 Opalesque was, again, a pioneer when we were the first to use video to profile and record interviews with investment managers with millions of views.


Since 2012 Opalesque has been producing NEW MANAGERS, the leading monthly magazine focusing just on smaller and mid sized investment managers.

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GUARANTEED RESULTS: Why this course works


Daniel Loeb, Third Point

Uniquely focussed and thorough.

Izzy Englander, Millennium Partners

Exceptionally helpful.

Cliff Asness, AQR

A very useful addition to my research

Michael Hintze, CQS

Provides a nice daily summary.

David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital

Get access to the stellar Opalesque.com.

FT Wealth

You do a great job and often pick up things many of the others miss.

Simon P. White, GLG Partners

We remain big fans and supporters of Opalesque.

Gary Claar, General Partner, JANA Partners

Very useful.

Mark Houghton-Berry, CEO, Tudor Capital (UK)

Your daily briefing is by far the best and the only one I really take time to read.

Wolfgang Landl, Man Investments

Your service is invaluable.


Financial Times

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